Broker Management Clinics
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Three-Course Package: $65
Course Name Title Category Hours
Broker Mgmt Clinic #1 Statutes and Rules Commissioner's Standards   3
Broker Mgmt Clinic #2 Policy Development Commissioner's Standards   3
Broker Mgmt Clinic #3 Risk Mgmt & Supervision Commissioner's Standards   3
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Broker Management Clinic #1 (Statutes and Rules)  $25

Not just for brokers! This course includes ADRE regulations about record keeping requirements, trust fund handling, advertising and promotions, contracts, fiduciary duties, material disclosures employment agreements, and audits and investigations.  Register

Broker Management Clinic #2 (Policy Development)  $25

This course includes methods for establishing brokerage policies and the practical application of enforcing the policies.

Broker Management Clinic #3 (Risk Management and Broker Supervision)  $25

This course includes risk management concepts, and methods to develop a risk management culture. Broker supervision, and legal obligations are discussed in detail.

    BMC #1
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    BMC #3
    BMC #1, #2, #3
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